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Previously introduced changes regarding “Fielding Restrictions”, “Leg Side Wides” and “Bowling Restrictions” continue to apply in the above Cup & Shield competitions.

Fielding Restrictions (BCL Cup Rule 7)


  • In both the Sovereign HealthCare Priestley Cup (1st XI) and Sovereign HealthCare Priestley Shield (2nd XI) matches there will be a fielding circle marked 30 yards from the pitch.
  • For the first 15 overs no more than two fielders may be outside this circle at the instant of delivery.  For the remainder of each innings a minimum of 4 (four) fieldsmen (plus the bowler and wicket keeper) must be within the circle. Only five fielders can be positioned outside the circle from over 16 through to the conclusion of the innings or the expirary of the 50 overs.
  • Transgression will result in the striker’s end Umpire calling and signalling “No Ball”
  • Click here for Management Board directive on fielding circles……..>>Leg Side Deliveries (BCL Cup Rule 9)In Sovereign HealthCare Priestley Cup (1st XI) matches only, any ball that passes outside the line of the leg stump, without touching the bat or the striker’s person, shall be called and signalled ”Wide Ball”.  This will not apply if the ball passes between the leg stump and the striker.

    Bowling Restrictions (BCL Cup Rule 6)

  • Bowlers are restricted to a maximum of 10 overs per innings.
  • In the event of a bowler being injured and unable to complete the over in progress, or being suspended during an over, the remaining balls in the over should be bowled by another player who has not bowled the previous over and will not be allowed to bowl the following over (Law 22.7).
  • The replacement bowler must not have bowled his limit of 10 overs.
  • The remaining balls in the over will count as a full over when taking into account this bowler’s limit.
  • Umpires have been provided with overs record cards should the CAPTAIN wish to consult them.


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