The Competition shall be called The SOVEREIGN HEALTH CARE PRIESTLEY

Playing Conditions
The playing conditions shall be determined by the Cup & Shield panel and circulated annually to all clubs and are in accordance with MCC Laws of Cricket except for matters provided for in these Competition Arrangements.
Trophy and Awards The trophy, The Priestley Cup, shall be awarded to the club winning the Competition, and suitable prizes shall be awarded to the players and scorer of each side, making a total of 13 per side. Certificates of Merit or suitable plaques shall be awarded to the winners of the Priestley Cup and the Priestley Shield. A Cup and memento shall bev awarded to the player adjudged to be the “Man of the Match” in the final of both competitions.

Application of League Rules

All points not otherwise dealt with in these Competition rules shall be in accordance with the League Rules. Committee Decisions to be final. All decisions made by the Management Board’s Cup & Shield sub committee in the interpretation of all rules, or on other matters concerning the business of these competitions, shall be final and binding on all parties.

The accounts of the competition shall be audited and a balance sheet presented at the AGM.

Player Qualification
Any registered player shall be eligible to play in the first round of the competitions.
No player is eligible to play in the Priestley Shield from the 2nd round onwards who has played more games in the 1st XI than the 2nd XI.
Players must have played at least one League match prior to the second round to be eligible for that and subsequent rounds.
In the case of bona-fide juniors & full time students, registered by their club prior to the season, permission to play must be obtained from the Cup/Shield panel if they have NOT played a league game before the second round.
Any player registered at the beginning of the season who has not played a game by the date of a cup/shield match due to illness or injury, may be allowed to play but only with the consent of the Cup/Shield panel.
A player who has played in a Priestley Cup or Shield Match in any round shall not play in a corresponding round match in either competition. This also applies to the Cup & Shield Finals.

Nomination of Teams.
Names of selected players must be stated on the official team cards (2 copies)
signed by the captain(s) and handed to the Umpire(s) for retention before tossing for innings. (second copy to scorer )
Once teams have been exchanged, no changes to either side will be allowed.
MCC Laws regarding the use of substitutes will apply.

Competition Arrangements for 2012

The Umpires will be the sole judges of whether or not play can take place at all times.
On a “reserve day”, in the event of adverse weather conditions, the Umpires have the discretion to reduce the length of the game before commencement of the first innings without there having been a delay.
The “reserve day” is NOT a continuation day (except 1st Round matches) A result MUST be obtained on the “reserve day” as provided for below.
a) Clubs MUST make every effort to complete all rounds, up to and including the Semi Finals, on the scheduled day.
A “reserve day” has been allocated for all these matches in the event of weather preventing play.
b) All Cup and Shield matches, except for the finals, will commence at 1pm & will be
50 overs per side subject to weather conditions permitting.
c) Fifty overs must be bowled in 3 hrs 20 mins (or pro rata)
Any infringement will be reported to the Cup/Shield panel and the offending club will
receive a minimum fine of £25.
d) After the scheduled start time any match affected by the weather shall be reduced in overs on the basis of one over from each innings for every 4 minutes or part thereof lost.
The side batting second must have the chance to bat the same number of overs as the side batting first.
A minimum of 10 overs in the 2nd innings will allow a result to be achieved. (See App.1 & 2 for Bowling & Fielding restrictions for innings reduced in length.)
e) In matches where both teams have had the opportunity to bat for the agreed number of overs (50 in an uninterrupted game, less if weather interferes), the team scoring the highest number of runs shall be the winner.
f) If the scores are equal, the side losing the fewer wickets will be declared the
winners, if both runs and wickets are equal then the game is “tied”. The match will then be replayed on the ground of the visiting team in the “tied game” on a date to be decided by the Cup/Shield panel.
g) If the team batting second has not had the opportunity to complete the agreed number of overs and has neither been ‘all out’ nor has passed its opponents’ score, and no further play is possible, the greater run rate per over throughout both innings will determine the winner.
h) In the event of “no play possible” due to weather conditions on the reserve day, a result should be obtained by a’ bowl out’ as detailed in Appendix 3.
ONLY where conditions prevent a ‘bowl out’ will a result be obtained by the toss of a coin .Home captain to spin-Away captain to call.


No bowler may bowl more than ten overs in an innings.

Leg Side Deliveries
Any leg side delivery which does not come into contact with the bat or any part of the batsman’s person shall be called “WIDE”.

Front Foot No Balls
If a bowler bowls a front foot no ball the next delivery will be a free hit.
Reduced Over matches – See Appendices 1,2 & 3.
Fielding Restrictions: Will apply in all Cup & Shield matches I See also Appendix
At the instant of delivery, for the first 15 overs of each innings only two fieldsmen are permitted to be outside the area known as “the fielding circle”. For the remainder of each innings a minimum of four fieldsmen (plus the bowler & wicket-keeper) must be within the “fielding circle” In the event of an infringement the Umpire shall call “NO BALL”
The “fielding circle” is-“an area bounded by two semi-circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch”. The fielding circle should be marked by painted white ’dots’ at five yard intervals, each ‘dot’ to be covered by a white plastic or rubber (but not metal) disc measuring seven inches in diameter.

Umpires Expenses
Umpires shall receive £35 expenses in all matches with the exception of the two fFinals when they will receive a memento similar to those awarded to the players of the winning team. Teas will be provided for Umpires at all Cup & Shield matches.

Tea Interval

There will be an interval, not exceeding 25 minutes in ALL games.

Match Reporting

The Secretary of the Home Club shall be responsible for ensuring that the correct details are sent by text and later emailed to the appropriate contact source. Match Report Sheets (As League System )
Complete electronically and email to NO LATER than
The reports must be complete and accurate and include the first & second names of ALL players of both teams irrespective of whether there has been play or not. Failure to comply will incur a fine of £10
Admission & Match Expenses
In all Cup matches (excluding the Finals) the following maximum admission prices may be applied – Adults £3: Children & Senior. Citizens £1.50.
In all rounds except the Final, Umpires expenses will be shared equally by both
competing clubs.
Any surplus funds from the gross gate receipts (ie.monies received from the sale of programmes etc.) less Umpires’ fees, printing and advertising, shall be divided equally between the two competing clubs. Representatives from competing clubs shall not be refused attendance when the gross gate receipts, or proceeds from the sale of programmes are counted. Instances
of a Club refusing to allow this privilege must be reported to the Chief Executive.
(Minimum 25 overs per side)
If no play is possible on the scheduled “Final” day, the match will Commence on Monday, August 27 at noon.
If play has commenced and then abandoned for the day, the game will recommence from the point of termination on Monday, August 27 at noon.
If the final tie cannot reach a conclusion on the second day, it shall be rearranged at a time and date to be fixed by the Board’s nominated Match Manager in consultation with the umpires, captains and members of the ground personnel.
No club shall play a match on the day of the Cup Final or hold or sanction a counter attraction on its ground except any Bradford Junior League play-off or final.
Where a final date has to be rearranged any counter attraction by the club concerned which has already been notified to the Board will be allowed to take place on the rearranged date.
Charges for admission to the final shall be determined by the Management Board.
The net receipts of the Cup and Shield finals shall be allocated as follows: –
Each finalist 50%
Match Balla
Match balls for the final will be provided by each competing club.
Umpires’ Expenses
Umpires shall receive a memento similar to those awarded to the players of the winning team.
Collections during Final
In the event of any collections for batting or bowling performances taking place on grounds or enclosures during the Final match the whole amount collected
Shall be divided; 50% to Bradford League Contingencies Fund and 50% divided equally among the players who have earned the collections.
Players teas in Final Round
Thirteen teas will be provided for the players, reserve and scorer of each of the competing teams, the cost to be defrayed out of gate receipts, or from the sale of programmes.
[The introduction of the Duckworth/Lewis method to determine targets & match result has been delayed for one further season to allow
adequate training for scorers for the 2013 season.]

The competition shall be for second elevens and the trophy, the Priestley Shield , shall be awarded to the winning side. The Harry Middleton trophy shall be awarded to the player adjudged to be the Man of the Match in the Final.

Shield Competition Rules

The Priestley Shield competition shall be subject in every particular to the rules of the Priestley Cup except as hereinafter provided.

Player Qualifications

(see Cup regulations)

Fixtures and Grounds
First round draw-reverse of Cup draw.
Second, third and Semi Finals – separate draws. The ground shall be that of the club first drawn in each pair, unless that club’s first eleven is engaged at home. If this occurs it shall be the ground of the second club. If both grounds are engaged the venue and any alternative date will be fixed by the Management Board who shall also select the date, time and ground on which the Final of the competition will be played.

Admission to Games
For all Shield matches (excepting the final ) the following maximum admission prices will apply -Adults 50p ;Children and Senior. Citizens 25p. Charges for admission to the Shield final shall be determined by the Management

Umpires Expenses

Umpires shall receive £35 for all matches with the exception of the final. For the final they will receive a memento similar to those awarded to the winning side. Teas will be provided for Umpires at all Shield matches.

Match reporting

As League rule 15 – details on page 98.

Match Report Sheets
As League rule 15-details on page 98.


The Management Board shall select the date time and venue on which the final shall be played.
No club shall play a match on the day of the Shield Final or hold or sanction a
counter attraction on its ground except any Bradford Junior League play-off or final.
If no play is possible, or the match abandoned before a conclusion has been
reached. The Umpires, captains, ground personnel and the Management Board’s nominated Match Manager, will consult in order to rearrange a suitable alternative match day.

Match Ball

Match balls for the Final will be provided by each competing club.
Cup/Shield Panel:. A Birkinshaw, S Raistrick, R Shackleton & D Young.

APPENDIX 1-Reduced Over Matches
Bowlers’ Restrictions
not more
10 over match than 2 overs per bowler
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-25 5
26-30 6
31-35 7
36-40 8
41-45 9
46-50 10
APPENDIX 2-Reduced Overs Matches
Fielding Restrictions
Total overs Number of overs fielding
In innings restrictions apply
10 over match First 3 overs
11-15 First 5 overs
16-20 First 6 overs
21-30 First 9 overs
31-40 First 12 overs
41-50 First 15 overs
Bowl out Procedure.

(Carried out under the supervision of the umpires.)
In consultation with club officials/ ground staff this may take place on the designated pitch or an adjacent one, edge of outfield, artificial pitch or indoor facility, if available.
The captains will nominate five players from each side who will bowl one delivery alternatively a tthree wickets pitched 22 yards from a single stump.
Underarm deliveries are not allowed.
The ball must bounce once in front of the popping crease.
Failure to achieve this counts as one delivery.
A no ball will count as a delivery.
The same ball will be used by both teams.
No person is allowed to stand in front of the wickets to act as a target for the bowlers.
The side that bowls down the wickets most times is the winner.
If scores are level after the first 10 deliveries the same players will continue to bowl alternatively one ball each to achieve a result on a sudden death basis

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