The League Rules 4


43. Umpires

Should an appointed umpire be unable to officiate he/she must notify the Umpires Appointments Secretary immediately, the latter shall then appoint a substitute.
If a selected umpire fails to arrive at the ground at least 15 minutes before the match is due to commence, he/she shall be reported to the League Secretary by the secretary of the home club. In this case, the two captains and the other umpire shall select a temporary umpire from the spectators and the temporary umpire shall officiate until the defaulting umpire arrives, and they shall decide whether the substitute Umpire shall take over the normal duties or those at “square leg” only. If an Umpire takes over both bowling ends throughout a game, he/she shall be paid 1.5, times the normal expenses for either a First or Second Eleven game, and the balance may be handed to the substitute Umpire at the home club’s discretion.
Umpires shall be on the field of play 5 minutes before starting time.
The level of Umpires’ expenses for both 1st & 2nd XI matches shall be agreed by the League Management Board and the Umpires Association prior to the commencement of each season, in addition Umpires shall be provided with their tea. Half match expenses shall be paid in cases of no play. For 2008 the level of expenses will be £30 per game.
Payments to umpires shall  made by the home club, between the innings.
Umpires shall report to the League Secretary any misconduct on the part of the players on the field of play, or of spectators interfering with the play of the players. The home club shall be responsible for the conduct of its spectators.
In conjunction with the MCC Laws of Cricket. when penalty runs have been awarded in a game and a report is necessary, the official report form, provided by the league, should be completed and signed by both match officials and posted by FIRST CLASS post to the League Secretary within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game.

44. Umpires Assessment Sheets
The Umpires Assessment found is abailable on the league website and should be filled in by the captains of each club and enailed to The completed form s must be received no later than Wednesday for a Saturday fixture and no later than Thursday for a Sunday game. Each team captain must ensure he inserts the names of the two umpires and uses his unique code number to authenticate the submission.
Any club failing to conform in  returning the completed forms in the correct manner will be fined £5.00 for each form not received in the time stipulated for the first three indiscretions, and fined and deducted 1 League point for each indiscretion thereafter.



45. Discipline

The Bradford Cricket League’s Disciplinary Regulations (See Appendix i. ) applicable in ALL matches, including  Representative games, are those regulations and procedures issued by the  ECB and YCB / YCA.A policy statement on Anti Racism and Race Equality, as shown in Appendix ii will operate at all times. Allegations concerning racial abuse, should be reported in writing to the League Secretary by an Official of the Club of the player subjected to the abuse, if the umpires inadvertently fail to report the abuse. Also, complaints relating to racial abuse may be submitted by any club on behalf of a spectator or individual subjected to such abuse.
The League Disciplinary Committee and Independent Appeals Committee will be determined at the discretion of the League Chairman.
Any allegations of misconduct on the part of a player or players whether before, during or after a game and whether on or off the field of play shall be referred to the  Management Board.
Umpires should inform the player and the player’s captain of any alleged misconduct intended to be placed on report before informing the League Secretary.
A written report, signed by both Umpires of any alleged misconduct should be in the hands of the League Secretary within 72 hours of the conclusion of the match.


46. Clothing
All matches under Bradford Cricket League rules shall be played in traditional white clothing unless directed otherwise by the Management Board..

47. Advertising on Clothing
No advertising by word or logo shall be allowed on clothing worn on the field of play other than the logo – (if any), of a club’s sponsor and only then within the size/shape limits set by the ECB for first class cricket and approved by the Bradford Cricket League Management Board. Such logo to appear only on the breast pocket and /or sleeve, and/or collar, and /or centre of cricket shirt and /or centre below the ‘v’ of sweaters.

48. Admission Charges
Maximum Admission charges shall be as follows:
First team matches: Adults £3, Children & Senior Citizens £1.50
Disabled drivers: Free
Second team matches: Adults 25p, Children 10p.
All clubs are allowed to set their own admission prices up to the maximum shown above.
Each club shall retain the whole of the gate money at home matches.
Clubs may be permitted to take up a collection instead of making a charge for admission should they so desire.
For Sunday games spectators may be invited to purchase Programmes or tickets of admission.

49. Clubs’ Grounds
All clubs’ grounds shall be at the disposal of the League for matches organised or controlled by the League. All clubs should provide seating for at least 20 spectators.

50. Representative Matches
The League take preference on any players selected for Bradford League representative sides. The only exceptions being matches under the control of the Yorkshire Cricket Board and/or the Bradford Junior Cricket League.

51. Ground Committee
The Ground Committee shall visit clubs on an official basis as and when considered appropriate.

52. Matters not covered by Rules
In the event of any question arising which is not specifically covered by league or cup rules, the  Management Board shall have the power to deal with it and impose such penalties as may be considered necessary.

53. Board Decisions to be Final
All decisions made by the Management Board in the interpretation of all rules, or on other matters concerning the business of the JCT 600 Bradford Cricket League, shall be final and binding on all parties.

54. Annual Dinner
In the event of the Management Board having decided to hold an Annual Dinner, then each club must purchase a minimum of four tickets.

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