The League Rules III

34.Tea Interval
There shall be a tea interval between innings of 25 minutes. This interval may be taken during an interruption for weather at the discretion of the Umpires, in which case there shall be a further interval of 10 minutes between innings whilst rolling etc., takes place. Should a declaration be made during an interruption for weather the Umpires must be informed immediately. Each club will provide teas for players, umpires and scorers. Teas for umpires and scorers will be provided free of charge, whilst orders for players teas shall be organised in any form at the discretion of the home club. Visiting teams must order and pay for a minimum of 8 (eight) teas.

35. Stoppages for weather.
Should weather interfere with play, overs shall be deducted on the basis of one over for each 3 minutes (or part) lost. However, for the first 15 minutes of stoppages (cumulative) in the match no overs will be deducted. Once this period (cumulative) has elapsed the overs will be deducted from the start of that stoppage.
No overs shall be deducted during the tea interval but any stoppage before the interval shall be added on to any stoppage after the interval should the same team be batting.
If the stoppage is for sun, no overs shall be deducted however long the stoppage. The Umpires shall remain on the field of play during the stoppage.
In the event of a late start because of weather conditions, overs shall be deducted, and the remaining overs shall be divided equally between the two teams. A match cannot commence if more than 50 overs have been lost due to adverse weather conditions.
In a match which has commenced play and is then affected by the weather, providing the second side batting receives an equal number of overs or more than the side batting first and providing that a minimum number of 50 overs are available when the match commences a ten point win can be achieved.
Where there is an imbalance of overs in favour of the side batting first, the ten points for a win can only be awarded if they bowl out their opponents or if their score is beaten by the side batting second.
Where scores finish level, the match is tied, and each side will receive five points plus any bonus points.
In all other circumstances the match is considered “ abandoned or incomplete ” and two points will be awarded to each side together with any bonus points accrued.

36. Championship Points
A win shall count as   Ten  points + bonus points.
A tie ( scores level )   Five points each + bonus points.
A loss as 0 points –   Bonus points apply.
Abandoned match –  No play; two  points to each side.
Abandoned / incomplete match – Play commenced, no win achieved; two  points to each side plus any bonus points.
Bonus points shall be awarded as follows :-
Batting – 1 point for scoring 125 runs, plus, 1 point for every 25 runs scored over 125 ( max. 5 batting bonus points.)
Bowling – 1 point for every two wickets taken.

37. Reward to Players
Collections may be taken during a match to reward a batsman making 50 runs, a bowler performing the “hat-trick” or a bowler taking 5 or more wickets. A bowler cannot have two collections in any one match.

38. Scorers
A scorer MUST be provided by each team. If a team fails to provide a suitable scorer, a player must score instead of fielding. At no time must a team not have a scorer in attendance.
Any team not complying with this rule will be dealt with by the  Management Board who have the power to impose such penalties as may be considered necessary.

39. Late Starts
Unless eight players of any club are ready to commence play at the appointed time the umpires shall report the defaulting club to the League Secretary and the game shall not start until the requisite number of players are present.
If, after a period of 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, eight players of a side are still not available, the umpires will abandon the match, stating the action taken on the Match Report Sheet.
All late starts shall carry a penalty of £5 for each 5 minutes a game is delayed.
In the event of a late start for reasons other than the weather, 100 overs shall be bowled, subject to the delay not having exceeded 30 minutes. Should the delay exceed 30 minutes, the overs available after deducting at the rate of 20 for each hour lost, calculated from normal starting time, shall be divided equally. In the latter case the umpires shall inform both captains and both scorers of the number of overs to be played.

40. Match Ball
The fielding side shall provide a new ball, or a ball in good condition plus the spare balls against the batting side, which must be of English Manufacture and stamped Grade ‘A’, or Grade 1 Test and County ball bearing the British Kite Mark and BSI specification number 5993. Such balls to be approved by the umpires. The home side shall replace any ball lost by the visiting side during the course of the match. Umpires must always notify the batsman of the type of ball which is in use.

41. Players Leaving the Field
An incoming batsman must pass the outgoing batsman on the field of play. Umpires shall report any defaulting player in this respect, or one who wastes time unduly on the field of play.
A Fieldsman shall not be allowed to leave or return to the field of play without the consent of the umpires and then can return only at the end of an over or at the fall of a wicket.
The field of play shall mean that part of the field within the boundary.

42. Regulations for Junior Players (under 19 at midnight on August 31, previous year).
The following ECB regulations for junior players regarding Helmets, Fielding, Fast Bowling will be applied in all games under the jurisdiction of the JCT 600 Bradford Cricket League.

a. HELMETS (Batting & Wicket Keeping)
All players under the age of 18 years old MUST wear an approved helmet fitted with a protective grill, when batting or during practice with a hard ball. A helmet must also be worn when wicket keeping if standing up to the stumps. Club captains and coaches are responsible for ensuring that this regulation is enforced.
Umpires should obtain an assurance from the player and captain if they have any doubts about the age of the player.
A young player may only bat (or keep wicket) without a helmet on production of a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Such consent must be on an officially approved form which indicates that the parent or guardian accepts the risk involved and absolves the club and league from liability in the case of injury.

Captains are required to ensure that these restrictions are not infringed.
Umpires are required to stop the game until all junior players are suitably positioned.
i.) Under 13y.o.
Players under the age of 13 cannot field closer than 11 yards away from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side.
ii.) Under 15 y.o.
Players aged over 13 but under 15 cannot field closer than 8 yards from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side.
iii.) Under 18 y.o.
Players aged over 15 but under 18 should wear a helmet when fielding within 6 yards of the bat, except behind the wicket on the off side.

“Fast Bowling” is defined as -“bowling, to whom a wicket keeper in the same age group, would in normal circumstances, stand back to take the ball”

Age Group
Maximum overs in a spell
Maximum overs in a day
Up to 13
UI4 & UI5
UI6 & U17
U19 Max

Failure to act within the above regulations may render the club, captain or coach, liable in the event of injury and may invalidate any insurance cover.

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