The League Rules 2

21.  New Players
No new player shall take part in the concluding matches of the season unless
he is registered on or before July 31. All players correctly registered prior
to this date may play at any time.

22. Overseas Players
In accordance with current ECB qualifications as interpreted by the Management Board
No club will be allowed to register more than one overseas player in a season. An overseas player will be allowed to register after the scheduled commencement of the season, up to July 31 but must play at least one game before the ‘deadline’ date. An overseas player is considered to be a cricketer not qualified to play for England under the current ECB regulations.

Subject to overriding discretion of the ECB, acting with the consent of the
International Cricket Council, a Cricketer will only be qualified to play for
England in a Test Match or in a One Day International Match if;
1.1 he is either a British citizen or an Irish citizen; and
1.2.1 he was born within England and Wales; or
1.2.2 he has been resident in England and Wales for the immediately
preceding four consecutive years; and
1.3 he has not during the immediately preceding four consecutive years either
played cricket for any Full Member Country outside the EEA at U17 level or
above, or played First Class Cricket in any such Full Member Country
except as an overseas cricketer under local rules similar to Regulation 3, or
in any other circumstances approved by the ECB; and
1.4 he makes, whenever requested by the ECB, a declaration in the form set
out in Annex A to the ECB Regulations.
2.1 In the case of a Cricketer seeking to become qualified under 1.2.2 above
he will (until he has become qualified to play for England) only be treated as
having been resident within England and Wales for the relevant consecutive
period if he has spent a minimum of 210 days in each year within England
and Wales (for which purpose “year” shall mean a year ending 1st April).

23. Players Playing Outside the League
Players contracted to play cricket outside the JCT 600 Bradford Cricket League with a Country, County or Minor Counties club may be allowed to play in the league as long as they are registered as a player at the start of the season and play before July 31.

24. Player Qualification
Where a first team does not have a fixture, a  player or players may not play in the club’s second team on that day if they have played in more than half of the club’s first team league games.
Exceptions may be considered by the Management Board.

25. Players in Re-arranged Matches
A player shall not be allowed to play in a first team match, unless he is a member of a team which was asked to make the re-arrangement. No player may play in the second team if he has played with the first team between the same clubs in the corresponding match, except with the consent of the Management Board.


Match Play

26. Conduct of Matches

Matches shall be conducted in accordance with the MCC. Laws of Cricket, except for matters specially provided for in these rules.

27. Weather Conditions
The two captains shall decide whether conditions are suitable for the match to commence, and if they cannot agree, the umpires shall decide. After play has commenced, the umpires shall be the sole judges as to the continuation or resumption of the match. If a prepared pitch is unfit for play, the captains may decide to have another pitch prepared.

28. Choice of Innings
The captains shall toss for the choice of innings at least 15 minutes before the match is due to commence in the presence of the match umpires.

29. Preparation of the Pitch
The preparation of the pitch shall be the responsibility of the home club and shall conform with the new MCC Laws. Pitches must not be watered within 36 hours of the start of a match.

30.Covering of pitch.
All clubs MUST have suitable covers available for use both before and during a match. Such covers MUST be used during interruptioins for weather during a match.

31. Nomination of Teams.
Names of selected players must be stated on the Official Team cards signed by the Captain(s) & handed to the Umpire(s) for retention, before tossing for innings.
No practice may take place within the precincts of a ground after a game has commenced.
Players may however, be allowed to loosen up between innings, during the tea interval ON THE OUTFIELD ONLY.
If the first ball of a match has been bowled, then no second team player may leave the match for the purpose of assisting his club’s First Eleven (irrespective of whether or not his side is batting or fielding) but any such request occurring prior to the first ball of the game must be granted, and the side concerned may be permitted a replacement by a duly registered player, subject to Rule 22. Clubs must give preference to fielding a full 1stXI at all times. If a 2ndXI fields a full side and the 1stXI is short a ten point penalty will be imposed on both sides.

32. Rules for Match Play
A match shall consist of a maximum of 100 overs and each side shall bat a maximum of 50 (6 ball) overs, except as provided for in rule 35 and rule 39.
If the side batting first is dismissed, or declares its innings closed, before the end of its allotted number of overs, the side batting second shall have the remaining overs in addition to its allotted number. In this case, an over which has been commenced at the time of dismissal or declaration shall be deemed to be completed. For the duration of the innings the fielding side MUST, at the instant of delivery have four fieldsmen plus the wicketkeeper and bowler within a 30 yard fielding circle. In the event of an infringement the umpire will call “No Ball”

33. Overs & Over Rate.
No bowler may bowl more than 15 overs in an innings. If the start of a match is delayed and overs are reduced (rule 35, 4th para.) the maximum number of overs permitted per bowler will be as follows :-

Innings length
Bowler Maximum
Innings length
Bowler Maximum
20-21 overs
34-36 overs
22-24 overs
37-40 overs
25-26 overs
41-43 overs
27-30 overs
44-46 overs
31-33 overs
47-48 overs

50 overs MUST be bowled in 3hours 10 minutes (includes breaks)
NB. – Penalty points will only be deducted if a side fails to bowl 50 overs in 3 hrs 10 mins (playing time)
Where a side are entitled to bowl more than 50 overs in an innings the ‘target time’ will be adjusted upwards on a pro rata basis of 3 mins 48 secs per over.
When the start of a match is delayed by weather rule 35, 4th paragraph – overs divided equally.) the ‘target times’ will be reduced as required. Once the game has commenced & further stoppages occur the ‘target times’ will not be affected. Similarly any game which does start on time and is then interrupted by weather the ‘target time’ of 3hrs 10 mins. Remains unaffected.

Failure to achieve the target time will result in 1 point being deducted from the fielding side for the 1st occasion; 2 points for the 2nd occasion; 3 points for the 3rd occasion and so on and so forth…….

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