11. Subscription

11. Subscription
Each club shall pay an annual subscription of £50 and purchase a minimum of 20 handbooks, payment to be made by March 31 of each financial year. In the event of this subscription being insufficient to meet expenses, the clubs shall contribute equally such sums as the Management Board may decide. Non-payment of subscriptions by the due date, or of any fines imposed within one month, shall result in fines of £5.

12. Admission of Clubs
The bottom two clubs in Division 2 at the end of each season shall retire, but may apply for re-admission. Such application together with a fee of £10 must be received by the League Secretary in writing within seven days following the last Division 2 matches of the season and shall be dealt with at the  first League meeting after the close of the season. Should the League Secretary receive applications from new clubs, the constituent members must be notified of such applications at least seven days before the meeting. The representative of any elected or re-elected club shall automatically be allowed to attend all League meetings. The entrance fee to be paid by a new club entering the League shall be £100.
Clubs wishing to resign from the league shall give notice in writing either by registered post, or by recorded delivery to the  League Secretary before April 30 otherwise they shall be required to fulfil fixtures and financial obligations for the following year.

13. Cessation of Membership
Any club which is expelled from the league, or which ceases to be a member of the league, shall at once forfeit any rights to participate in the assets of the league.

14. Failure to Fulfil Fixtures
Any club failing to fulfil league fixtures shall be dealt with at the Management Board’s discretion.

15. Match Reporting
The method of transmitting results of ALL matches and the punishment for non compliance will be determined each year by the Management Board and notified to clubs prior to the start of each season. The Secretary of the Home Club shall be responsible for ensuring that the correct details are sent by to the appropriate contact source.

From 2012 season all first teams will score on the netbook computers provided by the league. The home side will be responsible for providing live scores throughout the game to the league’s website.  At the end of the match the home scorer will transmit the match files which will be detailed prior to the season. These will be attached to an email and sent to results@bradfordcricketleague.org at the conclusion of the game. All clubs are responsible for the safe keeping of the netbook computer and for ensuring that their scorer has access to wifi at the club or a dongle (mobile broadband) with sufficient credit to provide live scores and the end of match reports.
The result of every match must sent by text within 30 minutes of the end of the game to 07534 210769
The text MUST include for both teams
Name of team
Score with number of wickets lost.
Number of Overs bowled.
Batsmen scoring 30 runs or more.
Bowler taking three or more wickets.
To be completed electronically and emailed to;-
NO LATER than midnight on the day of the game
The Reports must be complete and accurate, and include the first & second names of ALL players of both teams irrespective of whether there has been any play or not
Failure to comply will incur a fine of £10.
All club secretaries are responsible for ensuring their club’s computer is maintained in good order and that it is not used inappropriately or that no software is installed on to the computer unless directed to do so by the league treasurer. The Management Board will determine the punishment for breaching this directive.

16. Re-arranged Fixtures
If a club’s ground is engaged on a Saturday, the second team concerned must re-arrange the fixture so that the match be played at some mutually convenient date approved by the  Management Board. The League Secretary must be notified, in writing, immediately, of the new date. The match shall be considered to have been played on the original date, and shall be governed by Rule 16. The result shall not be included in the league until the evening of the original date.
JCT 600 Bradford League cup and league fixtures must take precedence at all times and no club shall be permitted to postpone any cup or league fixture or field an under strength side in either of these competitions for the purpose of competing in any alternative competition organised by any outside body.
The only exception being when a club reaches the final of a National Competition staged on a league match day. The postponed league match will be played on a date agreed by the club. or if no date can be agreed, a date specified by the league. Both instances subject to the approval of the Management Board.

17. Promotion and Relegation
The  Management Board are empowered to decide on the promotion and relegation of clubs for the following year. In the event of two or more clubs in a division having an equal number of points at the end of the season, their relative positions shall be decided by the side having won more matches taking precedence. If this still leaves them even, then positions shall be decided by dividing their average runs per wicket for, by their average runs per wicket against. The bottom two clubs in Division 1 will be relegated and the top two clubs in Division 2 promoted.

18. Benefit Matches
A benefit match shall not be played, nor a special subscription obtained for any player by or on behalf of any Bradford League club without the previous consent in writing of the Management Board.

19. Registration of Players
All players must complete and sign a copy of the league registration form which is retained by their club. Those players over the age of 18 on August 31, 2010 must also supply a recent photograph of themselves.The club will then submit an application for registration on-line on the www.playerreg.co.uk website. Once the registration has been approved the players name, picture and registration will be displayed on the site.
It is each club’s responsibility to ensure that all registrations & transfers are bona fide.
Players can be added to a club’s list at any time up to July 31 in each season. The deadline for transfers to play in a weekend’s matches is midnight on the Thursday immediately preceeding the fixtures.
A club playing an unregistered player shall be liable to a penalty to be determined by the  Management Board.

Clubs engaging players not having played for them the previous season must forward a correctly completed YCB/YCA player transfer form or section B of the league registration form to the Chief executive before such registration will be accepted. The transfer form can be scanned and attached to the ob line registration as a pdf, or delivered to the Chief Executive by post or by hand. A club shall not register a player from another club outside the league for occasional matches only.

In the event of any player being dismissed by his club and providing the Management Board supports such dismissal on investigation, the player shall be barred from taking part in League or Cup / Shield matches.

20. Transfer of Players
No transfer of players between clubs within the JCT 600 Bradford Cricket League will be allowed during the current season, except in the case of a second team player unable to obtain a game with his present club. Such a player cannot play in the 1st XI of his new club for the remainder of the season.
A player shall NOT BE ALLOWED TO APPLY for a transfer until he has not played for three consecutive matches in either team.
No club in the league shall negotiate in any way either directly or indirectly with any player of another club in the league without first giving ten days’ notice of their intention to negotiate. This notice must be given to the secretary of the player’s club in writing by special or recorded delivery. The ten days to commence from the date of posting.
No player in the league shall negotiate with any other league club unless he can produce written official permission from his present club. Such permission shall not be withheld unless the player has failed to discharge all financial obligations to his club. The player shall have the right of appeal to the  Management Board if permission is withheld without just cause.
A player from another League shall not play with any League Club until the necessary YCB/YCA transfer form has been deposited with the Chief Executive and the transfer approved by the  Management Board.

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