The League Rules


1. Condition of Membership
All Clubs shall run two elevens, with separate 1st XI and 2nd XI fixture lists in the League Competition, all clubs shall also take part in the Sovereign Health Care Priestley Cup and Sovereign Health Care Shield Competitions.

2. Management Board
The League shall be governed by a Management Board consisting of 12 persons: The President, Chairman, CEO, Treasurer & Secretary (the Officials) together with 3 Club reps,2 active players, 1Umpires rep & 1 apointee with PR and Marketing skills herein known as the Management Board.
All club representatives shall be eligible to serve on the Management Board and will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for election should  be in the hands of the Chief Executive 28 days prior to the AGM. (see rule 5.)
The election shall be by ballot, in the case of a tie, a second ballot shall be taken.
In the event of a vacancy on the Management Board, the existing Board have the power to co-opt members to maintain the maximum permitted number.
The Management Board shall deal with all urgent matters, shall prepare the business and accounts to be dealt with at League Meetings, shall deal with all questions concerning grounds, and shall transact any business delegated to it.
Each member of the  Board shall have one vote and the President or Chairman for the time being shall also have a casting vote.
The existing Management Board shall also have the power to co-opt as considered expedient, such persons as they consider would enhance the Board, co-options under this rule to be limited to a maximum of two persons.

3. Honorary Life Membership
The Management Board is empowered to create Honorary Life Memberships. There will be two categories. 1 Those who are made Life Members for their outstanding service to the league. 2. All winners of the Sir Leonard Hutton Trophy.

4. League Meetings
League meetings will be held by arrangement of the Management Board when all members of the Board are entitled to vote together with the representatives of each club, who have one vote each.
League Meetings for 2012 are scheduled for: Thursday, March 22, Thursday, September 20 (Rules Revision). & Thursday, November 15 (AGM).
Any club not represented at a League meeting shall be fined £25.

5. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in November, when all Officials and Board members shall be elected. All Nominations shall be in the hands of the League Secretary 28 days prior to the meeting. The Officials and all other members of the Management Board together with one  representative from each cub shall each have one vote at the AGM, or at an EGM, and the President or Chairman for the time being shall also have a casting vote.
Any club not represented at an AGM or EGM shall be fined £25.

6. Extraordinary General Meeting
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called on receipt by the League Secretary of a requisition signed by at least eight clubs. The business to be discussed shall be stated, and the meeting shall be called within 21 days from the receipt of the requisition.

7. Financial Year
The financial year shall end on the September 30. Honoraria to be determined at the AGM.

8. League  Season
The League playing season shall be determined by the Management Board but will not commence before the third Saturday in April. All matches shall commence at 1pm, with the exception of those in n September which shall commence at noon.

9. Alteration to Rules
The Management Board or any club may submit proposals for alterations to rules for the following season, notice of these shall be given to the League Secretary in writing 28 days prior to the Rules Revision Meeting. Such proposals shall be considered by the Management Board, and their findings sent to all clubs in the league. Such proposals as are finally agreed by the Management Board shall then be submitted to the AGM, or an EGM, and shall become effective provided they are supported by a simple straight majority of the votes recorded.

10. Protest
Any club lodging a protest, an objection, or wishing to call a special meeting of the Board shall deposit the same with the League Secretary together with the sum of £10 within 5 days of the completion of the match concerned. The business shall be dealt with by the Management Board and if considered unjustified the deposit shall be forfeited. In any event the loser of the case under consideration shall pay £5 to cover the expenses of the inquiry. If the Board upholds the protest or objection. it shall have the power to impose fines, deduct points or order the match to be replayed at the committee’s discretion. Any gate money shall be at the disposal of the Management Board. The representatives of the clubs concerned in any inquiry shall not be eligible to sit on the committee at the time of the inquiry.

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