League Award Winners

Chris Brice Imran Arif


WH Foster Jubilee Trophy First X1 Division One Batting Averages
WH Foster Jubilee Trophy First X1 Division One Bowling Averages
Margaret E Mallinson First X1 Batting Averages Division Two
Michael Fearnley Memorial Trophy First X1 Division Two Bowling Averages
Stafford Heginbotham Tebro Trophy Highest Batting Aggregate Division One & Two
Harry Crabtree Fastest Fifty Trophy Division One & Two 1st XIs
John Heaton Memorial Trophy for highest partnership in Division One or Two
Stafford Heginbotham Castle Trophy Highest Aggregate wickets
Pennine Trophy Highest individual score
Sir Learie Constantine All Rounders Trophy Division One
Jack Hill All Rounders Trophy Division Two
Albert Smith Spirit of Cricket Award
A Waddington Fielding Trophy
Federation Trophy Fielding Division Two
F Milton Watmough Wicketkeeping Trophy 1st XI since 1979
Stan Longbottom Safe Hands Trophy 1st X1 Most League Stumpings
Parkside Trophy (Division Two Wicketkeeping Most Victims)
David Bairstow Golden Glove Trophy Most Victims in a match
R Park Guild Trophy 2ndXI Division One Batting Average
Bruce W Moss Trophy Second Teams Division Two Batting Average
JR Burnet Trophy 2ndXI Division One Bowling Average
W Hopkinson 2ndXI Division Two Bowling Average
A Leslie Mollett Trophy 2ndXI Fielding
G Palfreyman Wicketkeeping Trophy Divisions 1 &2 Most victims
Mick Illingworth Safe Glove Trophy Most Stumpings Second Teams Division 1 & 2
Gordon Bowers Young Cricketer of the Year Trophy
Ernest Lodge Trophy Young Spin Bowler of the Year
Sir Leonard Hutton Trophy For outstanding service
Albert Smith Spirit of Cricket Award
JCT 600 Players’ Player of theYear
JCT 600 Unsung Hero

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