Shelley v Wakefield City

The Heavy Woollen Management Committee have today awarded the tied Solly Sports Heavy Woollen first round match to Shelley. Shelley made 230 all out and Wakefield City replied with 230-7.

The statement was made by competition secretary Benny Hemming following full consideration of the issues involved by members of the Management Committee.

It reads: “We would like the following points to be duly noted:-

1 The rulebook states clearly that a tied game will be replayed (HW7M)

2 Wakefield City were offered a replay on their ground on two occasions. They were also offered a bowl out on their ground. They rejected these requests.

3 The match umpires have been admonished by the competition’s umpires appointments secretary for the failure to apply the appropriate rule and were wrong to say that Wakefield City had won because they had lost fewer wickets.

4 Shelley Cricket Club have officially asked for a replay to be staged.

5 The Heavy Woollen Management Committee feels that Wakefield City were given every opportunity to bring this game to an appropriate conclusion and have declined the request to do so. Therefore, we have no alternative but to put Shelley into the next round of the competition to play Townville.

6 It is the policy of the Heavy Woollen Management Committee to review the results after each round to check that rules regarding the outcome of the match and the eligibility of players are not breached. The committee will not act outside of the envelope of the rules as set out in the handbook. To do so would set a precedent for following rounds.

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