Two new members join the Management Board

There will be two new members joining the JCT600 Bradford League Management Board when they next meet in January.

Woodlands secretary Brian Pearson has been elected as the third club representative and new Umpires Association chairman Alan Carter will represent his organisation.

The composition of the board was changed at the recent agm when clubs voted for the number of club representatives to increase by one with the umpires association being reduced from two to one representative.

The two men who are standing down after serving as members of the Management Board since it replaced the Executive Committee in 2005, umpires representatives Glyn Pearson and Tom Priestley.

League chairman Graham Reid praised the contributions of the two men. Speaking at the Umpires Association agm he said: “Glyn and Tom have been excellent members of the board.

“They have worked hard to put over the views of the league’s umpires and I thank them for their tireless work.”

Priestley was a member of the league’s Executive Committee for 12 years prior to it being disbanded in 2005.

Glyn Pearson and Tom Priestley
Glyn Pearson and Tom Priestley were praised for their service to the board

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