Rule 2 – Management Board
Proposed: Bradford & Bingley Seconded: Woodlands

The League shall be governed by a Management Board consisting of 12 persons: The President, Chairman, CEO, Treasurer & Secretary (the Officials) together with 3 Club reps,2 active players, 1Umpires rep & 1 apointee with PR and Marketing skills herein known as the Management Board.
Voting: For 35, Against 2

Rule 8 – League Season
Proposed: Pudsey Congs Seconded: Windhill

All matches shall start at 1pm with the exception of those in September
which will commence at noon.
Voting: For 25, Against 12

Rule 19 – Registration of Players
Proposed: Management Seconded: Manningham Mills

Players may be added to a club’s list at any time up to July 31st.
Voting: For 33 Against 4

Rule 21 – New Players
Proposed: Management Board Seconded: Manningham Mills

No new player shall take part in the concluding matches of the season unless
he is registered on or before 31st July. All players correctly registered prior D
to this date may play at any time.
Voting: For 34 Against 3

Rule 22 Overseas Players
Proposed: Undercliffe Seconded: Hanging Heaton

Change paragraph 3 to – ” An overseas player will be allowed to register after the scheduled commencement of the season, up to July 31 but must play at least one game before the ‘deadline’ date.
Voting:For 29 Against 7

Rule 23 Players Playing Outside the League –
Proposed: Management Board Seconded: Hanging Heaton
Change June 30 to July 31
Voting: For 33 Against 4

Rule 33 – Overs & Over Rate
Proposed: East Bierley Seconded: Farsley
50 overs must be bowled in 3 Hours 20 minutes.
Voting: For 10, Against 26

New Rule – Leg Side Wides
Proposed: Manningham Mills Seconded: Undercliffe
Leg side wides, together with the appropriatee pitch markings (both off & leg sides, to assist umpires) will be introduced to 1st XI cricket
Voting: For 16 Against 21

Rule 36 – Championship Points
Proposed: Pudsey Congs Seconded: Keighley
Win – 20 points
Where a team is bowled out for 70 then the bowling team should receive 5 bowling points & any batting points not earned by the batting side in this case 5 points) assuming the side wins they would earn 10 for the win + 5 for the bowling + 5 batting points not earned by the team who batted first
Voting: For 4, Against 29

Rule 36 – Championship Points
Proposed: Woodlands Seconded Bradford & Bingley
Win – 20 points with no bonus points
Tie – (Scores level) – 5 points each + bonus points J2
Loss – 0 points, bonus points apply
Abnd/Incomplete match – Play commenced-no result – 5 points each side + bonus points. Abandoned Match – No play – 5 points each side.
Voting: For 11, Against 25

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